New Kawaii Designs coming this week!

I love creating, inspiring and making people smile. Enjoy what you see and as I always say send me an email if I can customize something for you!

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Who else is Excited for HelloKittyCon 2014?

I can hardly wait, as many of you can’t either!! Finally an event to honor the one who makes us all smile!! Hello Kitty…..Yes she is not just my favorite childhood memory but many of us. If you 2 20 or 60 Sanrio manages to bring the best out in all of us. I for one can’t think of anything I have loved longer than Hello Kitty. Being 39 years old now, my fondest memories are with my mom as a child at the Sanrio shops picking out packs of gum and the famous surprise treat  bags!! I still love the visits as much as as I did at 5! Maybe even more now actually….I can’t lie. I have a dream…..I pray that someday I can work for Sanrio and be a part of the smiles and the gift of memories that will always bring smiles!