The Holidays are about Giving!

Hello friends

Earlier I posted on my Instagram @niftyvintagegirl about a great way to share the love of the holidays with a child who is very much less fortunate than most of us. I always makeup shoe boxes each year around this month for operation Show Box through the Good Samaritan foundation. There domain is below so after you read please feel free to click and see what and how this wonderful group of people make children smile all around the world! This week is the beginning of collection week for the boxes so they can get them to the children in time. Please note you have till next week to drop off so if you want to get them now is the time! I had some ideas for mine this year from a few stores. Some of the kids are young and some older, the the younger kids I checked stores like the dollar store, grocery outlet, TJ Maxx and also Daiso too. Coloring crayons, coloring books, small toys, littlest pet shops blind bags are like $2 each great price…jump ropes, bubbles, plush animals. Dollar store has a few toys that are pretty cool for the younger kids also for just $1 each!  For the older kids, they are usually doing some sort of craft for a small income so including scissors, tape, glue, hygiene products, art products, pencils…drawing pads  and playing cards are a great idea too.   Most local churches will have donation drop off times and dates posted on the website you just put in your zipcode and it will spit out some locations for you! You can also do this at as well.

If you need help with a location time or date drop off feel free to email me I can help find that for you!



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